The Institute of Internal Auditors - Taiwan
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The Introduction of IIA Taiwan

Established in 1988, the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA)-Taiwan Chapter has rapidly developed as an internationally known chapter of IIA and as a well-recognized professional organization in Taiwan. In addition, we are one of the most active civil groups in Taiwan and we get the Outstanding Civil Organization Award every year from the Ministry of Interior since 1989.
To better serve our members and to achieve “progress through sharing,” there are three sub-chapters around the island. We publish and distribute to our members a quarterly journal of internal auditors. We award outstanding internal auditors once a year. We actively participate in the worldwide Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) certification program.
We have our annual member representatives' meeting and conference every spring, the attendance is always more than 300 persons, and the annual conference of year 2006 was successfully closed on Apr.8. In addition, we have our monthly meeting with more than 400 attendance. Besides, we hold about 30 to 40 seminars around Taiwan each year. We always invite the most famous and professional speakers of every industry related to internal auditing and the seminars are so popular that even our members are sometimes refused because of late registration and capacity.
Under the member representatives' meeting, we have 8 committees, including Professional Development, Public Relations, Editorial and Publications, Educational Training, Examinations, Information , Member service and Standards.
According to the requirement of the Taiwanese Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC), all public and listed companies must maintain an adequate internal control systems and employ full time internal auditor(s) reporting directly to the board of directors. As a result of the statutory requirement, the internal auditors in Taiwan are expected to play an important role in adding values to their organizations and the stakeholders.

The purpose
  • Promote academic research in internal auditing with international internal audit organizations. 
  • Disseminate the theory and practices of internal auditing. 
  • Enhance the development of internal auditing systems. 
  • Assist business corporations and other organizations in improving their management systems.
The library and training house

The library and training house was built in 1997 and opened in June 1998. Both the members and nonmembers can use our library to search the information for their needs. We also post the book list to our web site and update it as needed. The training house is only opened to our members. Some seminars are free of charge to serve our members;while some courses are charged the cost of the expenditures.

The regular business
  • Hold seminars and training sessions on internal auditing theory and practice.
  • Assist business corporations and other organizations in promoting the training in internal auditing.
  • Publish news letters and periodicals and other related publications.
  • Accept the engagement to establish and/or strengthen the internal auditing system of business corporations and other organizations.
  • Cooperate with international internal auditors' organizations.
  • Hold the CIA Qualification exam.
  • Award the individuals , organizations, or business corporation for their outstanding performance in internal auditing.
  • Carry out the functions that will serve to achieve the organizations' purposes.

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